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Music Mixing FAQ (More descriptions of the indescribable, for your entertainment.)

I love to mix, and if what follows resonates, I’d be happy to consider mixing your project.

1. When I accept a project to mix, I take it seriously. There are no throw away projects, and I’ll treat your mix as seriously as I’d treat a remix of The Beatles, or being asked to mix Adele.

2. I will bring a fresh perspective to the mix. As I see it, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Your project is unique, and it should sound that way.

3. You are welcome to stay involved. While many mixers work alone, I welcome your involvement, presence, and/or input. My only request is that there be one unified voice to give me that input. Mixing by committee will never yield positive results.

4. I’ll work with artists from anywhere in the known universe (and beyond). In the past year I’ve mixed for clients from as far from L.A. as South India and Australia. On a space station? As long as you’ve got decent upload/download speed and have recorded some great music, let’s talk.

5. There is no limit to the revisions I will provide. I typically work and charge by the day. I find that this arrangement gives you optimal control of your mix, and your mix budget. The mixes can be broad strokes, or ultra detail oriented. I can also provide a per track quote. The quote is based on the complexity of the project and assumes that the project is mix engineer ready. If tuning or editing is needed, we can provide that, but there is an extra cost.

I’ve been learning my craft in the digital age. The tools I use continue to evolve, as technology advances and shifts. Currently, my default mix setup utilizes the following:

I mix using a combination of analog and digital gear. My default DAW is Pro Tools HD. I have an HD-3 Accel system, and use Apogee 16X D/A & A/D converters.

I sum my mixes outside of the computer, and use an Inward Connections summing box. I find that adding this analog link to the mix chain opens up the mix considerably. There may come a day when totally ‘in the box’ mixes sound as good as those that use an analog console, or summing box, but I don’t think we’re close yet.

While I have a rainbow selection of plug ins and virtual instruments that I use and deeply understand, I also rely on outboard compressors and EQ. I find that there is nothing like outboard processing to really make the vocal sit right in the mix. Many of my clients find their way to me because of the quality of the vocals and vocalists that I’ve recorded. I’m always refining, and experimenting with new techniques with the goal of always making the next mix my best mix ever.

Ultimately, though, all of this comes down to relationships. I need to be able to listen, not only to the music that’s coming through my monitors, but more importantly, to my clients. I take that communication very seriously, and promise to do my best to understand exactly what each artist is looking for. I am lucky and blessed today,  the majority of my work is for repeat clients.

My goal is not only that you leave happy, but I want you to love the mix we created today, next week, next year, and into the future.

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