Prisencolinensinainciusol Aw Rite!

Prisencolinensinainciusol Aw Rite!

In 1972 Italian Superstar, Adriano Celentano recorded a song that was meant to sound like Rap Music of the day. His interpretation of James Brown, I guess. He titled the song Prisencolinensiainciusol, which in any language means absolutely NOTHING!

The song was designed to sound as if it were in English, but in fact, the lyrics were total gibberish.

How do I know all this, you might ask? Well, about a year ago, violinist, singer, songwriter Sophie Serafino told me that she’d like to cover the song. Would I be interested in producing a version of Prisencolinensiainciusol? Of course I would.

Check out the chorus:

I yi smy sezlay
Any els so ko-ool peezo
In de col men say wan
Preez En Colin In Sin Ine Cue Zol

Awl Rite!!

I mean, you can’t write this stuff. Right?

Seriously, I had a blast. We recorded Sophie’s violin and vocals via Skype connection. She was in Sydney, Australia. The venerable Simon Cohen engineered from his studio down under. I did the rest of the track in the box here. I kept the project in the box to match the flavor of the original.

You can find Sophie’s Prisencolinensiainciusol on Spotify, as well as all the usual spots.

Awl rite.

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