Courtney Jones Preview meets The Hunger Games

I’m rounding the corner, and keeping the finish line in sight for Courtney Jones’ new release. It’s a project that I’m really excited about for a number of reasons.

Courtney and I wrote and recorded the entire project from scratch, and we did it right here at the Pie and Tart Shoppe. When we started out, Courtney brought a handful of great songs that she’d written. After we’d penned about two dozen new songs, we decided that our new work was what the album should contain. That was the beginning of Plan B.

After tracking the album, Courtney was out of action with vocal issues, & that was the beginning of Plan C.

Now, a year after we tracked the basics with the awesome Butch Norton, and Jon Ossman, the album is almost done. Whew.

Here’s an a capella preview, The Path. My amazing wife (and sometimes stealth co-producer), Landry, edited Courtney’s song to a movie trailer for The Hunger Games. Enjoy:

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