Updates? #1 Jeffrey Lee Pierce tribute

If I were to look back through my posts, there would likely be a promise to keep this site updated with my studio projects. I have failed!

This post is meant to be a sort of belated New Years resolution to keep my site current. My excuse for the long silence is not that there’s been only crickets hanging out in the studio. I’ve been too busy most of the time, and the rest of the time I’ve been being a dad, husband, new puppy person.

And so, I’ll start somewhere near the present and move backwards in time. As Uma, my two year old says, “Set, Go, Ready”.

Julie Christensen recorded a song for the next Jeffrey Lee Pierce tribute album on Glitterhouse Records.

Weird Kid Blues features Julie on vocals, I played baritone guitar and F-Hole acoustic. Dobro by the awe inspiring Greg Leisz and mandolin by Dan Wilson.

Here’s an incomplete video of Julie Christensen singing Joan of Arc at a Leonard Cohen tribute. It’s a duet with Lou Reed!

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