Update Catch Up #2 :: Daphne Willis

I think it was about 2 years ago that Daphne Willis started visiting us here in L.A. to co-write with me. The bunch of songs we wrote ended up getting focused into a six song EP that we recorded at The Hobby Shop, and finished here in The Pie and Tart Shop.

Daphne was signed to Vanguard Records at the start of our project, and since has parted ways. As of today there’s no release date for the EP, and I’m hoping that the music doesn’t fall into that black hole of an incredible artist and her former label.

The amazing Daphne Willis


Stay tuned. I’m hoping you’ll get to hear this one soon.

Here’s the details from our sponsors:

Daphne Willis – Lean It

Produced by Peter Malick

Mastered by Mark Chalecki

Mixed by Peter Malick

Butch Norton :: Drums, Peter Adams :: Keys, Johnny Flaugher and Super Mario :: Bass, Daphne Willis and Peter Malick :: Guitars

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