Today’s Old News – Let’s listen like it’s 1999

Today’s Old News – Let’s listen like it’s 1999

Every once in a while I’ll get an email about a project that was released in 1999. Known affectionately as “The greatest album you’ve never heard” by friends, it sold about 100 CD copies, and has never been released digitally. The album was Sons of the Jet Age, and the band was a collaboration between Detroit soul rocker Amyl Justin and myself. To be fair, by the time the album was pressed and released, the band had pretty much broken up. I’d already made plans to move to New York City, which turned out to be a pretty solid decision.

The Best Album You've Never Heard

The fact that hardly anyone has ever heard this thing has continued to bug me. If you’ve ever visited my studio, this is old news, because you’ve probably had me force a copy on you from the cartons stacked in my garage. Sorry.

This is all headed somewhere… and the where is that we’re in the process of finalizing a digital distribution deal that will allow us to release many of my new productions, as well as some cool archival stuff. Lots of music that’s never been heard beyond the walls of my studio.

More news soon, but meanwhile, surf over to Soundcloud for a listen to a Sons of The Jet Age track, You Are My Sunshine.

Update: I forgot to credit the talented Tom Hambridge, who not only produced the album, but played drums on many tracks, and wrote a couple of the songs. Ducky Carlisle was the recording engineer, as well as Mixing Engineer.

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