Re-Invention 2013 Style

Re-Invention 2013 Style

I think that the most important thing I have learned about the music business in the past couple of years is that change is not only inevitable, it is happening right now! We are constantly negotiating, and re-negotiating, as we move into an unprecedented new age where none of the old rules apply.

On the bright side:


This is Cubasis! A recording studio on your iPad? Well, not yet. But this is no joke, and I take the shrinking of technology seriously. You should, too.

You know what I love? I love plugging in some headphones, and sketching out a song idea on my iPad with my 2 year old daughter asleep and laying next to me undisturbed. I love having a reliable recording rig that I can take on a hike in Joshua Tree, and capture inspiration when it knocks.

…and the scary side

ka ching colbert

The independent artist could be in a difficult position with major labels once again controlling the music business. No, they no longer control the distribution network, but they might become the only entities with enough clout to demand fair payment from the new distribution network.

Time to show respect


Read the lyrics here

And so, honoring the wisdom of the sages of old, I plan to “pick up my guitar and play”.

I’ll be writing more, later, but for now here’s the condensed version:

I posted news of our new label Luxury Wafers Fresh yesterday. To elaborate on the re-invention theme, I decided that the best way I could support the record releases of two young and super talented artists, was to take them on the road. A new brilliant model for DIY? Nah, probably not. A one-off quirk? I hope not.

Luxury Wafers Fresh is the home for artists that I’ve produced and/or mixed.  That is, those artists who are looking for a home:-)

July 16th, 2013 is the official label launch. Featured full length releases include Courtney Jones – All The Things That Fall, and Spencer Livingston – Grow. In addition a great record that I produced in 2007 Josh Blackburn – Starting Ground, will be released digitally for the first time.

EP releases include Mexican rockers Volagio, and Mexican Psychedelic Rockers The Risin Sun. The Risin Sun EP was produced by my friend,  MC5 founder, and certified legend, Wayne Kramer.

The second release wave on Luxury Wafers Fresh features Soul Rocker Valerie Winters, and Samba Saturated Singer Songwriter JOYA. More info with links coming soon.

Over and out.

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