I couldn’t resist: Lou Reed reviews Kanye West

I couldn’t resist: Lou Reed reviews Kanye West

This short post is basically a link to Lou Reed’s review of Kanye West’s new album  “Yeezus”.

One night in 1996, shortly after Lou Reed’s “Set The Twilight Reeling” was released, I watched and taped his performance on The Tonight Show. As I watched him sing “New York City Man”, I thought “Wow, I guess Lou just doesn’t have it anymore”.  Hmm.

Over the the following days, I found myself inexplicably returning to the videotaped performance. A week later I ordered the CD, it is an album that remains an all time favorite to this day.

Lou had burrowed his way into my subconscious, something that he evidently does very well. The experience was a profound one for me, and led to an immersion in great songwriters’ work… which led to my becoming a songwriter. lou_eggCream

Without further ado, the review.

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