Back from the East Coast!

Back from the East Coast!

This is a quick post.

Since I last checked in our new label, Luxury Wafers Fresh, has launched.

I went out on the road with Luxury Wafers artists Spencer Livingston, and Courtney Jones.

Our default studio rhythm section, The Pie & Tart Slicing Crew, joined us on the road. (That’s Butch Norton, and Jon Ossman in case you didn’t know.)

So… here’s a sampling of East Coast-ian images. I’ll be posting more about the tour, the releases, and also some interesting happenings back here in the studio!

Meanwhile, check out some of my duets with Butch Norton on Spotify. Not into Spotify? Here’s the iTunes link to 18 tracks of love:)

CJ.ossmanspencer.nhHJon & Spencer at The Alternate Root plymouth JonUmaGrace

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