Guitarist for hire. Yup.

Guitarist for hire. Yup.


So, one of the more personal results of our Luxury Wafers tour, is that I realized I’m a guitar player. Quite

Really though, it had been over two years since I did a live show, and although I play in the studio daily, it’s just not the same. Consequently, two solid weeks of doing shows was a wonderful thing for getting in touch with my roots. I’ve been left wanting more, and I’ve decided to offer my services as a guitarist for your recording project.

To be clear, I’ve always made myself available for projects I am producing, but now, if you have an outside project that could use my guitar, Dobro, Baritone, Nashville Tuning, Lap Steel, and/or acoustic slide, if I’m in studio, I’m available.

Recording geeks: I’ll give you all the geeky details about the many recording chain options we have here at Pie and Tart.

Everyone: email me or use the contact form.

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