What’s Happening now at Pie & Tart

It’s been a crazy busy summer, and I thought I’d get caught up with an events post. Here goes…

This is what’s been happening here at The Pie & Tart Shop:

We launched our new label Luxury Wafers Fresh in July. To celebrate the launch, I fronted a New England tour that featured Spencer Livingston, Courtney Jones, and my duets album with the always fabulous Butch Norton.

Probably none of that is news if you’ve been reading this blog, though.

This week singer/songwriter Nadine Kramer of JOHNA is in the studio and visiting L.A. from Cologne, Germany. Yesterday we tracked basics with Wallflowers and Ozomatli drummer Mario Calire, and Pie and Tart regular, Jon Ossman, on Bass.

I’m mixing Tall Ulysses from Paris. Check out his music… wow!

I’m producing and mixing Australian rapper Sammy G.  (Side note: take a minute and check out these three artists. Totally diverse, but each is an awesome talent: Tall Ulysses, JOHNA, and Sammy G.)

Valerie Winters is coming back in the studio to finish 3 songs that we tracked last spring. Val’s album, Soulful Child, is slated for release on Luxury Wafers Fresh. It’s a good one!

Latin tinged singer/songwriter Joya’s album is complete. Recorded and mixed at Pie & Tart, it was mastered by Steve Hall and has an upcoming release date on Luxury Wafers Fresh.

I have been tracking Jeff Turmes‘ new record and we’ve been scheduling sessions around his day job, which is touring with the legendary Mavis Staples. This is going to be a really unique record.

My first solo record, Wrong Side of My Life, was part of the Luxury Wafers launch, and it is the first time the 1998 project is availably digitally. Ditto for my 1999 project with Amyl Justin, Sons of The Jet Age.

Also from Wrong Side of My Life, I got a placement on ABC Family’s Twister. Nice surprise… 15 years later.

Last Call, the live recording of blues piano icon Otis Spann‘s final concert, was released digitally for the first time, also on Luxury Wafers Fresh.

Mexico rockers Volagio celebrated the release of their Luxury Wafers EP, Hollywood, this week. Here’s a link to their new video for Hollywood.  Shout out to Honky Tonk Studios in Mexico City, where we tracked and mixed Hollywood. A great room, with warm and friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Also, I’m planning a 3 day music creation intensive. If you’re interested in attending, email me from the contact page. You’ll find more details in my next post.

Pie & Tart central. Over and out.

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