Music Creation: from Concept to Master Recording – A 3 Day Intensive

Music Creation: from Concept to Master Recording – A 3 Day Intensive

I’m going to be hosting a 3 day music production intensive right here at home in Los Angeles. If you’re a singer/ songwriter, aspiring producer, mixer, engineer, or musician, you are invited to apply. The event is limited to 15 music creators. Here are the details:

Over the course of 3 full days, participants will write, record, mix, and master their own creations. Whether you are a musician, singer/songwriter, engineer/producer, or any combination of the above, your participation is encouraged.

Everyone will have involvement in the all sessions and will gain a more holistic view of the creative process as it applies to making music and simply being musical. Day 1 :: Will be spent exploring our strengths, forming writing groups, and songwriting. Day 2 :: Is the production day. We will record the completed songs, and make sure they are complete and ready to send to mix. Day 3 :: Will be spent mixing. We will also master the tracks, so that they are complete and ready for release. This is a real time and real world experience.That is to say, we will draw from the talent and strengths of the participants. No outside musicians, engineers, singers will be involved. I will be your guide. Connect and network with singers, songwriters, engineers, and aspiring producers. This is a perfect opportunity to begin to build your team outside of the seminar. It is also an invaluable environment to deepen your skill set. Interested? Write me for more details. revelada_20    revelada_10SAE Mexico City

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