News/No News – A Musical Dilemma

News/No News – A Musical Dilemma

Well, maybe not all that musical, but a dilemma nonetheless…

Let me explain.

The last 5 months have been possibly the busiest time I have ever had. In my life. I am truly blessed to be involved in some really fun, and equally exciting projects. Frankly, I don’t know where to begin, but that’s what’s known as a Quality Problem.

Honestly, I’ve found that if I’m blogging regularly, I’m really not that busy. If I’m busy, visitors to this site don’t hear from me, and likely assume that I’ve retired to Galapagos, or something…

And so I’m throwing down The Gauntlet. To myself. I’m challenging myself to blog through this insanely busy time. We’ll see what happens.

I do want to mention a recent trip North… and by ‘North’, I mean North of Boise, Idaho, across the Canadian Rockies, and into Stampede-Ville… Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I was invited to take the “Cowboy Oath”, and honored with a Calgary Stampede White Hat. I never thought I’d be taking the Cowboy Oath. I guess you never know about these things. Here’s the proof, you doubters, with the lovely and super talented Sophie Serafino, and Official Stampeder Kevin Hendrickson. The scene of this Cowboy Crime was at The Everywoman Festival, founded by Sophie Serafino, and an event that I’m honored to be a part of.

White Hatted in Calgary!

This was just the beginning of an amazing visit. I’ll be posting part II of this adventure. The studio part. The Everywoman Festival Album Release part. More parts…

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