The Alternates release Ep

I just wanted to congratulate The Alternates on their Spiders and Webs EP release. This project has been a blast for me, and if you haven’t heard any of the tracks, I’d highly recommend checking them out. You will be able to say “I was a fan before they blew up”. It can be so messy when a band blows up. You know?

On an only slightly more serious note, the Spiders and Webs EP was tracked at Kingsize Soundlabs with Mike Post engineering. We did overdubs and vocals here at the Pie and Tart Shoppe, and mixed here, too. The venerable Mark Chalecki mastered at Little Red Book on the Eastside.

You can stream The Modern Way on my Audio page, or stream the entire EP HERE. Check out The Alternates at:

My Gibson’s back at McCabe’s

My guitar is in intensive care.

Yes, that beautiful 1966 Gibson J-50 has issues. I took it into McCabe’s Guitar Shop and after some orthopedic surgery, it came home to recuperate. Now it’s back in the hospital, and I’m waiting for the doctor’s report.

I grew up with old Fender Guitars. My friend Dave has run over his ‘60’s P-Bass with a van 3 times that I know of. No issues, no problem. A Fender guitar is like Johnny Knoxville.

A Gibson acoustic is like your high school friend who couldn’t go out to the movies because of a sinus problem.