From review of The Shivers’ Sunset Psalms:
Oh man, where the hell have these guys been all my life? Some kind of modern bluesy reincarnate of Lou Reed, with all the swagger you could hope for, bottled up into something called The Shivers? Why yes, you DO give me shivers, of awesomeness! I could almost see these guys setting up in an old abandoned church down in New Orleans, testifying their sweatiness for the few down-trodden parishioners that happen to wander by….. now THAT’S a revival I could believe in!
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From Performing Songwriter’s review of Courtney Jones – “Awake & Dreaming”:
Given her authoritative delivery, it’s hard to believe that Awake & Dreaming marks Courtney Jones’ debut. Never mind the assists from session pros such as producer Peter Malick (Norah Jones) bassist Bob Glaub (Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks) and drummer Butch Norton (Lucinda Wiliams, Tracy Chapman); Jones’ vibrant vocals and infectious songs make her sound more like a seasoned veteran than a newcomer.

From Hope Waits Downbeat Magazine review 1/08:
She uses her Louisiana background to its fullest in a brilliantly produced album that creates a sonic gumbo where sounds bubble to the surface briefly before submerging back into the mix.
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Review of Courtney Jones release Awake and Dreaming by Gian Fiero:
With the dramatic production of Peter Malick (Norah Jones), she performs a haunting, heartfelt vocal in front of a cinematic backdrop in which she tells her story of unrequited love with lyrical eloquence. The song benefits from great song structure, clever engineering in the intro for effect, and a memorable chorus that sticks.
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Review of Hope Waits from SoundStage:
Malick has arrayed the instruments behind Waits in a wide soundstage, and he has focused her voice sharply out front. Hope Waits is an emotionally honest singer who chooses her material wisely, and Malick has produced an honest, very enjoyable CD for her.
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4 star All Music Guide review of Peter Malick’s ‘Chance and Circumstance’ with Norah Jones: » full review

4 star All Music Guide of ‘New York City’, Peter Malick Band featuring Norah Jones:
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From All Music Guide’s 4 star review of Hope Waits:
Malick and Waits create a classic sound, very sparse but not quite stark, that highlights her gripping vocals. Atmospheric, intense, and often hypnotic, Waits’ debut is a delight and a real find for those who walk down the more ominous side of the jazz/blues boulevard.
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From Jazz Review:
But it’s the three tracks Waits co-wrote with Malick: ‘Fortune Teller’, ‘The Ballad of Judith Anne’, and ‘Ignatius’, that give a hint of Waits’ essence; her dirt-poor Louisiana roots, her troubled parents and her early days as a singer in a Southern Baptist choir. These three tracks are earnest, breathy and rousing all at once. ‘Ignatius’ is especially lovely; Waits’ voice is lilting, hinting of past pain, but her lyrics are resolute, demanding transformation; a perfect finale to a fine premier disc that puts Waits in a league all her own. Beautiful.
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Rambles Magazine review of Chance & Circumstance:
Malick is all about showcasing new female singer-songwriters, and he has produced one immensely enjoyable record. from review of ‘Chance and Circumstance’
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From Dirty Linen Magazine:
Special mention to Peter Malick, who was the producer, and thus responsible for assembling an absolutely smashing band of professionals to get behind her on this disc and leave her the room to breakaway and soar. This is a disc to be reckoned with. Hold on folks a major talent is unveiled and is bursting into stardom.

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Peter interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered (2001) » full interview