Music Creation Class – More Details

The Concept:

The concept for this 3 day intensive came out of the very real need for me to reinvent my workflow. Projects that once took months to complete now must be fit into a week. Budgets have shrunk, and we all need to learn to work quickly and efficiently. Sometimes we end up being like ER staff: dealing with the most urgent need. We will reach the goal, to complete our tracks, because we have to.

Attending? You are about to immerse yourself in the fishbowl. We are entering with a set goal, and that goal is the creation of 3 complete songs. We will work as a team, and once we begin it will be as if we were just hired by Sony, or Universal, or _______ to deliver 3 master recordings on the following Sunday night. The session is scheduled to end at 6PM Sunday night. If we’re not done, I’ll be there until the end. I hope you will too!

From Concept to Master :: Your engagement is crucial

Singers! Songwriters!:

As we progress through the process of writing and producing a song, there will be areas that you have skills, there will be areas that you feel lost or deficient. It is crucial that you engage in the whole process.

Example: You are a singer/songwriter who has never been interested in computer based recording. Maybe you’ve used Garage Band as a simple multi track recorder, maybe you still have a cassette recorder to capture ideas. Still your engagement in the mixing process is key.

This intensive is, above all, designed to be a real world immersion in music creation today. It is designed to replicate the music industry that 99% of us will likely create in (until you have that breakout hit, of course).

So, even if you have no desire to learn Logic or Pro Tools, I want you to understand the language, understand the mix engineer’s job. When you record your next project, you will have the skills to communicate to your production team. You will have the very real advantage of an increased vocabulary, and gut understanding of what it’s like to sit in her chair.

This will not only help you make better informed decisions when you are looking for a producer and/or engineer, but will also enhance the recording process. Your knowledge will help keep your project on track, on budget, and keep the creative juices flowing.

Producers! Engineers!:

It is crucial that you engage in all parts of the process, too. There was a time when a recording budget allowed you to bring specialists into a session: vocal coach, drum tech, the list goes on. Today, it’s all on you! Pay attention. Not interested in songwriting? Not proficient at vocal arranging? Well, if you want to build a career you can’t ignore any aspect of the entire music creation process.

Throughout the 3 days, I will be touching on ways that you can expand your skillset. From the moment we begin the intensive, there’s elements to study that will be key to your success as a producer and/or engineer.

How do you facilitate the songwriting process? I guarantee you will have clients whose song(s) need some key element to make them work.

How do you move the recording process forward? The history of popular music is littered with tales of studio meltdowns and band breakups in the midst of a project. In today’s world, it is your job to make sure the recording gets done. In these 3 days, we will have conflict, and it is just as important that you learn to deal with that conflict as it is that your mix is great!


I will do my best to pick a group that is both diverse in skills, and cohesive in attitude. I want the intensive to be more than an isolated experience in your life. To that end, I hope you will forge new partnerships, get together to practice what we’ve worked on, and ideally work together to create great music.

More questions? email me directly: petermalick (at) gmail – I can also schedule a phone call or Google Hangout/Skype