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Peter Malick is a Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Mix Engineer based in Los Angeles (LA), California. His production skills include Vocal Production, Songwriting and collaboration, Keyboard and Drum programming, Arranging, as well as Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Dobro, and other strings.

Peter loves and lives music. He has been a professional musician since 1967.

Peter’s first project as producer/songwriter was in 2003. The New York City album featuring Norah Jones reached #1 on iTunes for weeks and continues to sell internationally. Most recently he has produced, co-wrote, and appeared as a featured artist on CNBLUE lead vocalist Jung Yong Hwa‘s solo debut “One Fine Day“.  Based in Studio City, his Pie & Tart Shop studio has become home base. Pie & Tart Shop is a full service private location that features a drum room,  tracking and vocal room, as well as a large control/mix room.

Peter Malick Musician

Peter and Uma Malick

He is equally in demand as a Songwriter, Producer, andMix Engineer Peter draws clients from around the world, and around the corner.


Thanks for visiting my site! Peter Malick here. Actually I wrote all the more formal stuff at the top of the page in the third person. My wife’s comment was, “Sounds like you started in the music business in 2003.” She’s right, so I’m adding this less formal bio on the home page with the intention of almost full disclosure. Welcome.

I started playing guitar at the age of 12, and got into my first band solely because I owned an amplifier. My first memory of being aware of music production was in my parent’s car. The radio was tuned to station WILD, Roxbury, Massachusetts, and Working In The Coal Mine by Lee Dorsey came on. The song grabbed me, but the instrumentation and arrangement intrigued me. Of course, the producer was the legendary Allen Toussaint.

When I was 16, I joined a band that was briefly named PPMWW, for Peter Ivers, Peter Malick, Michael Tschudin,Walter Powers, and Willie Loco Alexander. Walter and Willie ended up in the post Lou Reed Velvet Underground. The band quickly became known as Listening, and we were signed to Vanguard Records as part of what was known as the 2nd wave of the “Bosstown Sound”. I recorded the album ‘Listening’ with band members Michael, Walter, and drummer Ernie Kamanis.

My growing connection to Chicago Blues led me away from the band, and I spent the next couple of years backing up some of my idols. The highlights were playing in John Lee Hooker‘s East Coast band, including an appearance on The Dick Cavett Show, and living with the legendary Otis Spann and his wife Lucille in Chicago, as well as playing in his band. For you blues geeks out there, I backed up Lowell Fulsom, Sam Lay, John Brim, Earl Hooker, Big Mama Thornton, Freddie King, Hubert Sumlin, Johnny Young, and a few more. I played in Muddy Waters’ band, but never as a member.

I guess you might say that my career has been eclectic, as my next move was to tour with the musical Hair. I started out as guitarist, and ended up Musical director, Conductor, and Guitarist for the National Touring Company of Hair, playing over 1000 shows.

Then it was back to Boston as a member of The James Montgomery Band. We were signed to Warner Brothers/Capricorn, and recorded 2 albums. Although I wasn’t aware of it, this became the second chapter in my slow walk towards music production. Our second album was produced by Tom Dowd and I ended up spending one night alone with Tom at Capricorn Studios mixing our soon to be released single Brickyard Blues. The experience of working with Tom left me in awe. He was a true musical genius, and what I learned that night infuses my production work today.

After I left the Montgomery band, there were quite a few years of less than memorable work. In 1996 I moved from Los Angeles to Boston and started song writing, and playing roadhouse gigs with my own band. The band peaked in 1998, with over 200 gigs mostly around New England. In 1999 I released Sons of The Jet Age with Detroit Soul singer Amil Justin. In 2000 I moved to New York City and met a young singer named Norah Jones.

Norah joined me for a number of Peter Malick Band gigs around New England, and we took the band into Ducky Carlisle’s recording studio, Room 9 From Outer Space in South Boston. Those sessions, recorded in the fall of 2000, became the New York City album.

My latest work has been in collaboration with KPop artists. In 2014 I was visited by CNBLUE leader and vocalist Jung Yong Hwa. That visit developed into the song 27 Years that was released in January of 2015 on Yong Hwa’s debut album One Fine Day. In May of 2015 my writing collaboration with Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yup was released on his Merry Go Round album. A Thousand Miles also features Japanese jazz singer Lisa Ono.

The remainder of 2015 will find me working on more KPop, a new album with JOHNA from Cologne, Germany, and various Los Angeles based artists.

You will find information about my more recent projects scattered around the web, and around this website. If you’ve come this far, thanks for reading.

Regards from the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California,



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Peter Malick, Musician
Peter Malick has had an eclectic career. From his roots playing with icons of the blues, to his collaboration with Norah Jones, to his new work with Jung Yong Hwa, he has been involved in a wide range of very musical endeavors.