Jeffrey Lee Pierce | The Gun Club | Tribute Released!

Jeffrey Lee Pierce | The Gun Club | Tribute Released!

Glitterhouse Records was once the European branch of the iconic Sub Pop label. Now independent, they have just released Axels & Sockets, The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project

Axels & Sockets

I had the pleasure of recording and playing on “Weird Kid Blues” by Nashville songstress Julie Christensen. We were joined by the consistently amazing Greg Leisz. The project has a rather impressive lineup!


01 Nobody’s City – Iggy Pop with Nick Cave (feat. Thurston Moore)
02 Kisses For My President – The Amber Lights with Debbie Harry
03 Mexican Love – Black Moth
04 Weird Kid Blues – Julie Christensen
05 Ain’t My Problem Baby – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
06 Constant Limbo (Constant Rain) – Crippled Black Phoenix and Cypress Grove (feat. Mark Lanegan & Bertrand Cantat)
07 Into The Fire – Nick Cave And Debbie Harry
08 Thunderhead – Kris Needs Presents…Honey
09 Desire By Blue River – Mark Lanegan and Bertrand Cantat
10 Kitty In The Moonlight – The Amber Lights with Xanthe Waite
11 Secret Fires – Ruby Throat
12 Kisses For My President – Andrea Schroeder
13 Body And Soul – James Johnston
14 Goodbye Johnny (Andrew Weatherall’s Nyabinghi Noir Mix) – Primal Scream
15 Break ‘Em Down – Hugo Race
16 My Cadillac – Cypress Grove
17 The Journey Is Long – Lydia Lunch and Jeffrey Lee Pierce
18 Shame And Pain – Mark Stewart And Jeffrey Lee Pierce (feat. Thurston Moore)

Iggy Pop!

Nick Cave!

Iggy Pop with Nick Cave… Nick Cave with Debbie Harry… Lydia Lunch with Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Yup.

Everywoman release to benefit Amma’s Embracing The World.

Everywoman release to benefit Amma’s Embracing The World.


Check out the Everywoman Festival album on iTunes.

My friend and client, Sophie Serafino, founded an event that is “dedicated to celebrating and empowering women”. It’s called the Everywoman Festival, and I was lucky enough to attend this year’s event in Calgary.

Not only was I invited to attend the festival in Calgary, but Sophie asked if the festival album could be released on Luxury Wafers. So, Be Yourself was released on Luxury Wafers and all proceeds from the release go directly to my favorite charity, Embracing The World. Among Embracing the World’s many humanitarian initiatives, there are a number of powerful programs dedicated to empowering women. Luxury Wafers and Everywoman Festival feel that Amma’s worldwide charities are the perfect recipient for any and all album sale income.

The album features a wide range of amazing women! I’ve worked with Sophie Serafino, and Australian rapper Sammy G.  Two songs that I produced also ended up on the album: Back To Me by Courtney Jones, and Miles by German singer/songwriter duo JOHNA.

It was truly a pleasure to meet the super talented Olivia Wik and Justine Tyrell. Their songs are among the most popular on the Everywoman compilation, and deservedly so. They rock! Ditto for Celia Rose!

Please check out the album. Buy it on iTunes, stream it on Spotify, get it on Google Play. Let me hear from you with feedback!

Be Yourself on LuxuryWafers

News/No News – A Musical Dilemma

News/No News – A Musical Dilemma

Well, maybe not all that musical, but a dilemma nonetheless…

Let me explain.

The last 5 months have been possibly the busiest time I have ever had. In my life. I am truly blessed to be involved in some really fun, and equally exciting projects. Frankly, I don’t know where to begin, but that’s what’s known as a Quality Problem.

Honestly, I’ve found that if I’m blogging regularly, I’m really not that busy. If I’m busy, visitors to this site don’t hear from me, and likely assume that I’ve retired to Galapagos, or something…

And so I’m throwing down The Gauntlet. To myself. I’m challenging myself to blog through this insanely busy time. We’ll see what happens.

I do want to mention a recent trip North… and by ‘North’, I mean North of Boise, Idaho, across the Canadian Rockies, and into Stampede-Ville… Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I was invited to take the “Cowboy Oath”, and honored with a Calgary Stampede White Hat. I never thought I’d be taking the Cowboy Oath. I guess you never know about these things. Here’s the proof, you doubters, with the lovely and super talented Sophie Serafino, and Official Stampeder Kevin Hendrickson. The scene of this Cowboy Crime was at The Everywoman Festival, founded by Sophie Serafino, and an event that I’m honored to be a part of.

White Hatted in Calgary!

This was just the beginning of an amazing visit. I’ll be posting part II of this adventure. The studio part. The Everywoman Festival Album Release part. More parts…

Music Creation: from Concept to Master Recording – A 3 Day Intensive

Music Creation: from Concept to Master Recording – A 3 Day Intensive

I’m going to be hosting a 3 day music production intensive right here at home in Los Angeles. If you’re a singer/ songwriter, aspiring producer, mixer, engineer, or musician, you are invited to apply. The event is limited to 15 music creators. Here are the details:

Over the course of 3 full days, participants will write, record, mix, and master their own creations. Whether you are a musician, singer/songwriter, engineer/producer, or any combination of the above, your participation is encouraged.

Everyone will have involvement in the all sessions and will gain a more holistic view of the creative process as it applies to making music and simply being musical. Day 1 :: Will be spent exploring our strengths, forming writing groups, and songwriting. Day 2 :: Is the production day. We will record the completed songs, and make sure they are complete and ready to send to mix. Day 3 :: Will be spent mixing. We will also master the tracks, so that they are complete and ready for release. This is a real time and real world experience.That is to say, we will draw from the talent and strengths of the participants. No outside musicians, engineers, singers will be involved. I will be your guide. Connect and network with singers, songwriters, engineers, and aspiring producers. This is a perfect opportunity to begin to build your team outside of the seminar. It is also an invaluable environment to deepen your skill set. Interested? Write me for more details. revelada_20    revelada_10SAE Mexico City

What’s Happening now at Pie & Tart

It’s been a crazy busy summer, and I thought I’d get caught up with an events post. Here goes…

This is what’s been happening here at The Pie & Tart Shop:

We launched our new label Luxury Wafers Fresh in July. To celebrate the launch, I fronted a New England tour that featured Spencer Livingston, Courtney Jones, and my duets album with the always fabulous Butch Norton.

Probably none of that is news if you’ve been reading this blog, though.

This week singer/songwriter Nadine Kramer of JOHNA is in the studio and visiting L.A. from Cologne, Germany. Yesterday we tracked basics with Wallflowers and Ozomatli drummer Mario Calire, and Pie and Tart regular, Jon Ossman, on Bass.

I’m mixing Tall Ulysses from Paris. Check out his music… wow!

I’m producing and mixing Australian rapper Sammy G.  (Side note: take a minute and check out these three artists. Totally diverse, but each is an awesome talent: Tall Ulysses, JOHNA, and Sammy G.)

Valerie Winters is coming back in the studio to finish 3 songs that we tracked last spring. Val’s album, Soulful Child, is slated for release on Luxury Wafers Fresh. It’s a good one!

Latin tinged singer/songwriter Joya’s album is complete. Recorded and mixed at Pie & Tart, it was mastered by Steve Hall and has an upcoming release date on Luxury Wafers Fresh.

I have been tracking Jeff Turmes‘ new record and we’ve been scheduling sessions around his day job, which is touring with the legendary Mavis Staples. This is going to be a really unique record.

My first solo record, Wrong Side of My Life, was part of the Luxury Wafers launch, and it is the first time the 1998 project is availably digitally. Ditto for my 1999 project with Amyl Justin, Sons of The Jet Age.

Also from Wrong Side of My Life, I got a placement on ABC Family’s Twister. Nice surprise… 15 years later.

Last Call, the live recording of blues piano icon Otis Spann‘s final concert, was released digitally for the first time, also on Luxury Wafers Fresh.

Mexico rockers Volagio celebrated the release of their Luxury Wafers EP, Hollywood, this week. Here’s a link to their new video for Hollywood.  Shout out to Honky Tonk Studios in Mexico City, where we tracked and mixed Hollywood. A great room, with warm and friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Also, I’m planning a 3 day music creation intensive. If you’re interested in attending, email me from the contact page. You’ll find more details in my next post.

Pie & Tart central. Over and out.

Guitarist for hire. Yup.

Guitarist for hire. Yup.


So, one of the more personal results of our Luxury Wafers tour, is that I realized I’m a guitar player. Quite

Really though, it had been over two years since I did a live show, and although I play in the studio daily, it’s just not the same. Consequently, two solid weeks of doing shows was a wonderful thing for getting in touch with my roots. I’ve been left wanting more, and I’ve decided to offer my services as a guitarist for your recording project.

To be clear, I’ve always made myself available for projects I am producing, but now, if you have an outside project that could use my guitar, Dobro, Baritone, Nashville Tuning, Lap Steel, and/or acoustic slide, if I’m in studio, I’m available.

Recording geeks: I’ll give you all the geeky details about the many recording chain options we have here at Pie and Tart.

Everyone: email me or use the contact form.

3 guitars nibbles on some Luxury Wafers nibbles on some Luxury Wafers

 Scott McLennan of The Boston Globe and nibbled on the Luxury Wafers in advance of our Boston show at  Club Passim in July.

Thanks Scott, for a great article, which includes some quotes from Ms. Courtney Jones. It’s a quick read that’s highly recommended for songwriters, as Courtney removes a layer or two from the veil that protects her creative process:)

There’s also Soundcloud links to Spencer and Courtney songs, so what are you waiting for? Click Here!

Back from the East Coast!

Back from the East Coast!

This is a quick post.

Since I last checked in our new label, Luxury Wafers Fresh, has launched.

I went out on the road with Luxury Wafers artists Spencer Livingston, and Courtney Jones.

Our default studio rhythm section, The Pie & Tart Slicing Crew, joined us on the road. (That’s Butch Norton, and Jon Ossman in case you didn’t know.)

So… here’s a sampling of East Coast-ian images. I’ll be posting more about the tour, the releases, and also some interesting happenings back here in the studio!

Meanwhile, check out some of my duets with Butch Norton on Spotify. Not into Spotify? Here’s the iTunes link to 18 tracks of love:)

CJ.ossmanspencer.nhHJon & Spencer at The Alternate Root plymouth JonUmaGrace

Music Production Seminar – SAE Institute, Mexico City :: April 2013

In April, I was invited back to Mexico. This time there was no band or artist to produce, but I conducted two teaching events and both were sweet!

First stop was Cuernavaca, and I was honored to cut the ribbon of Technilogico De Monterrey‘s new on campus recording studio. The staff had been up until 3AM doing last minute wiring and integration, and the studio was almost ready. I don’t think there has ever been a studio construction project that has been completed on time, and this was no exception. I arrived about 15 minutes before the ribbon cutting, and dug right in to help troubleshoot some last minute issues.

We managed to get up and running, though, and the last class of the day turned into an impromptu recording and mix session of James Brown’s “I Feel Good”. The new facility was inaugurated with Soul Power, Cuernavaca style.


The next stop was SAE Institute in Mexico City, and the event was a two day intensive which we titled “Music Creation – from concept to master”.

The plan was to write a song, record it, mix it, and even do a quick and dirty mastering job. My goal for the course was to give the students a taste of the  reality of music production in 2013. That in our job, whether it be as producer, recording engineer, or even as a studio musician, we end up wearing many hats. The more skills that we can bring to session, the greater the chance of a successful and long lasting career.

The course was limited to 12 students, but there were 15 bodies in the control room when we began, and it turned out to be a perfect number.

We all discussed the game plan. The students were about to complete their second full year of study, and expressed the desire to focus on the creative end of music production. They had been immersed in studying the technical side of audio engineering for a full two years, and were hungry to create. I was immediately impressed by their skill level in the studio, and happily agreed to refocus our goals for the course.

And so we began… Three teams were formed, and each team began writing a song. The teams decided to write the lyrics in English, and I attempted to make each team as musically diverse as possible. The majority of the first day found me moving from room to room, team to team, and providing input on songwriting, as well as dealing with the conflicts that are part of the creative process, as well as being part of life in general.

The day produced three diverse, and excellent, songs. One latin flavored, cleverly upbeat tune. The second song was influenced by Bob Dylan, and the third, a well crafted John Mayer-like pop song. All 3 songs stood on their own as impressive compositions, as well as being an affirmation of the power of teamwork.

I can’t remember what time day 2 was to begin, but we had a very aggressive schedule ahead, so we agreed to meet early. We put together a microphone list before the end of day one, and spent the morning doing our best to mic the tracking room for a session that would essentially accomodate 3 different bands.

The plan for day 2? Our session players would be from among us, as would the engineers, and producers. Whoever was not tracking, was in the control room where we produced and engineered the 3 master recordings.  We were successful in getting the basic tracks done, and we got a great deal of the lead vocals complete. We were not going to finish all the overdubs, nor would we be able to mix.

The thing that amazed me about the 2 days was that we encountered the same issues that I deal with in real life record production. We had conflict, meltdowns, insecurity,  and even band members quitting (we lost a student between day one and day 2). We also had amazing teamwork, mutual support, bursts of creative genius, and fun. We truly immersed ourselves in the 2013 version of Music Production Reality. We made a record.

We all gathered to decompress, and discuss the experience. I asked each student for their most empowering experience, as well as their most frustrating. The most frustrating was overwhelmingly the limitation of only 2 days. We all felt that 3 days would have been ideal to truly reach the goal. I invited everyone to send me updates, and committed to giving feedback on the mix. As of today, I’ve heard that the songs are nearing completion, and I am eagerly awaiting the version 1 mixes (hint, hint, you guys).

 I have no hesitation in stating that the Mexico City immersion was a powerful experience for me. I’ve corresponded with some of the students, and have high hopes for their future careers in music. There was definitely some bright and shining talent in the room.

My heartfelt gratitude to SAE Institute Mexico City, as well as Alphonso, Alex, and Alastair for making it possible.





Summer Tour Coming together!

I am headed out on the road to support our two new featured releases. Here’s the info as of today!!

Peter Malick presents Courtney Jones and Spencer Livingston

with Butch Norton and Jon Ossman

Sweet, huh?

July 20, Saturday Chris’s Concert, Granite Gulch, NH

July 21, Sunday, Emerging Artist Series, Wonder Bar, Allston, MA

July 22 Monday, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA

July 23 Tuesday Plymouth Brewing Company, Plymouth, MA

July 24 Wednesday, Project Arts, Plymouth Mass, outdoor concert

July 25 Thursday tba

July 26 Friday One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME

July 27 Saturday tba

July 28 Sunday Carty’s House Concert, details coming

July 29 Monday Rockwood Music Hall, NYC 10pm